Charlie Greene

Band :
Title : Charlie Greene
Release Date : February 24, 2014
Label :
Catalog ref. : 888174517988
Format : CD


On the heels of Charlie Greene’s 2012 album debut “Wildfire Music” comes “Charlie Greene”, a new collection of songs that captures the attention of a discerning audience.

Producer Ed Cherney (The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, Buddy Guy) notes, “When I heard Charlie for the first time, my heart nearly leapt out of my chest. I was driving home late from working in the studio for 18 straight hours. I was tired and it would have taken a lot to get me excited about anything. Here was this big, pure voice coming out of the speakers in my car, singing songs that were brave in their honesty, framed by really sophisticated and compelling musical arrangements. Charlie’s songs are totally unique in their lyrical and musical perspective. In other words, it’s really cool music.”

“Man On Fire”, the first single, has an infectious rockabilly flavor that doesn’t let go. Charlie says it best: “It’s kind of a lyrical cuspidor. Some simple music that became a home for some orphaned ideas that couldn’t take shelter in another song. A manger for stranger phrases that were told there was no room at the inn for their kind. It’s the wail of a weirdo trying to explain himself and failing spectacularly. It’s also just some good hillbilly shit that’s fun to play….”